Two and a half years ago I decided to start living the life I had always dreamed of and never thought possible. I quit a stable job (that had benefits!) to pursue a life of travel, wander & adventure. I had recently purchased a condo, gotten a dog & created A LOT of expenses in my life. Leaving that income was terrifying but I knew it necessary to find the freedom I was searching for.

That first month of [freedom] was debilitatingly scary. (We bet you’re feeling this way right about now, too)

Would I have clients? Would I be able to provide the experience and deliverables that I was promising? Even through those days, weeks, and months of complete and utter fear, I knew what I was doing. I knew I was supposed to be there and that it would all land me where I was looking to go.

I was searching for a life of freedom and a close, personal relationship with each and every client we brought into our Adventure Toward family. Working at agencies prior to this I wasn’t able to truly connect with the clients I was working with. I was working through a project manager who would just relay details to me, and something was missing. I thrive and am at my most creative when I know I’m helping you live the life you’ve always wanted. A life full of freedom. A life to work when you want, spend time with your loved ones, check out the world while you’re at it. 

It didn’t come easy though. I had to figure out HOW I wanted this collaboration to work. Was I going to constantly be available? Was I heading into my clients offices? How did I make sure that my clients had the very best of me, but still protect my boundaries so I still felt that I was living a life of freedom. Was I going to be enough for them? I knew I had the skill set to build beautiful, converting websites but did I have what it took to run a business and fully be able to invest in my clients?

That’s when I realized that being 100% completely always available wasn’t necessary to create the collaborative relationship I was striving for. I just need to be there when I said I would be and communicate properly.

This is the plan we’ve now implemented in all of our offerings.

If you’re taking a course through us, we’re there live once a week to answer any questions for you or help you get through a snag you may be experiencing.

Building your brand with us? We have weekly check ins or longer zoom meetings scheduled for each big process step along the way. You’ll never get a brand you weren’t expecting.

Having us create you an unbelievably awesome website, guess what, you’re talking to us weekly here too. We want to you to know where we are, sign off on it and see where we’re heading in the future.

Our ultimate goal is to bring you into our team, want want you to be part of our family. This means a long term relationship we’re building here. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the growth of your business and help you evolve your brand as your business evolves.

So what are you waiting for, give us a shout and we’ll get started collaborating.