Just because you’re struggling, does not mean you’re failing. 

I get it, it sometimes feels like you’re trying and trying and trying to get something right.

Doing all the research, and still aren’t able to figure it out.  

We’ve been there. When we were starting our business, we had these same feelings…

Especially when I think back to my own experiences of starting my own business.

When I was first starting out trying to figure out how I structure my site to bring in clients and tell them exactly what we offered (and explaining it terribly)

I had a break through moment, why do I keep trying to re-invent the wheel? Why am I trying to create something new, proven structures exist. 

I took a step back and realized, I can take time to learn from others. So I joined every possible facebook group, signed up for course-afrer-course and read book-after-book. I invested in myself, so I could be fully invested in growing this business I loved. 


I thought when I was starting a graphic design & web development business that I knew it all. I had been building sites for 6 years for someone else, how hard could it be.

Well in those first few months, I learned the hard way, I still needed to keep learning.

When I signed up for those courses, and read those books I learned all about:

  • building sites that convert 
  • the anatomy of a homepage 
  • installing plugins that tracked my traffic and kept me secure 
  • all the new trends in web design 

Over the last 3 years, I haven’t stopped learning. I’ve realized when building a business investing in your knowledge is the best investment you can make. 

Once I started investing in my education, I was able to take my ‘doing-semi-okay’ business and grow it into a business that is able to sign $10,000 clients who want us to help them implment the same tactics we used on our website. 

Tomorrow, we’ll be talking about how you’re able to gain knowledge and build the site of your dreams too. 

Until then,