I’m not tech savvy. 

I’ve never even logged into a wordpress website.

When you say hosting, you sound like you’re talking a foreign language to me. 

Yep, those are probably things you’ve been telling yourself over and over again about why you’re stuck in limbo with your website or why you haven’t invested the time into making it work for you, not against you. 

Well we’re here to remind you, we didn’t just pop out of the womb knowing these things either.

We’ve spent the last 10 years learning the ins-and-outs of WordPress design and conversion techniques so we can teach you (yes, you, even the least tech savvy person can figure this out)


If you take things you don’t fully understand just yet, and break them down into micro tasks, everything suddenly becomes a whole lot less scary.

By taking a chance on yourself, and believing you can, you’re creating a roadmap to success.

With our help, that road map goes from a whole lot of missed turns and dead ends to a road getting you from home to the beach (yeah, we’re cheesy, we know.)

When you tell yourself I can learn this, I am capable, the things you’re able to tackle become so greater. 

All I can tell you is if you’re feeling like you aren’t confident enough to build your own website


That maybe you think that you need years of experience to be able to do this, 

Many of my clients have proved this is not true. They’re out there, updating and building their sites right now.

You have everything you need to be successful and grow your buisness right inside of you. 

If you also want your next week to be booked with sales calls or your freinds telling you how beautiful your site is, stay tuned for tomorrows blog about how even on a small budget, you’re able to build your own beautiful site. 

Until tomorrow,