Why do I even need a website?


Most of my current clients come from [insert facebook, word of mouth, instagram]

Over the last few days we’ve told you all about: 

  1. How when starting our business we had no idea what we were doing.
  2. How learning from those who have already done was the final leap we needed
  3.  How YOU are able to learn this stuff too
  4. And today we’ll be reminding you of the reasons that yes, you really do need a website. 

We understand that when you’re getting your referrals from friends, facebook and instagram that investing in a website really just doesn’t seem like top of mind priority. 


But, hear us out here. 


What happens when facebook changes the way you post ads and you’re no longer able to be found, or instagram suddenly deletes your account and the 25,000 followers you’ve been working so hard to build are just gone over night. 


Sounds crazy right? 


Well, this has happened to our clients in the past and we don’t want you to be like them. Left with out a social following AND without a website to attract your customers. 


A website is there no matter what happens with your social climate. 


But then you say, but Meghan, what if my business is based on referrals. 


Great. Awesome. That’s the goal right? To do work that is SO FABULOUS that everyone is talking about you?


What do you think their friends do when they find out about you? They hit up the internet and google search you.

They go to search for your website so they can see your full service offerings, and learn a little more about you and WHY you started your business. 


So all in all, yes, you really do need a website. It helps build your know, like and trust factor and show that you are a credible legit business. 


Lucky for you, we have a few offers up our sleeves to make building your own website even easier.


Check back to tomorrow to find out more.